Stan’s Deconship

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She hadn’t seen the two guys enter.

I breathed into her ear, “Well, don’t be nervous about your first time with a girl. Because that is not what I want from you right now.”

Tom and his buddy had taken my quiet tone as a clue to keep quiet and they were already partially undressed before Christie had opened her eyes.

“What the- no I didn’t!”

She tried to get up but I held onto her very tightly. “Relax,” I nibbled on her ear as I whispered, “These are my friends and I want to watch them fuck your brains out.” I let one of my hands drop down to her very, VERY wet pussy, “You are so under-appreciated. So neglected.” Her struggles lessened as I slowly rubbed her clit.

The two guys had lost all their clothes and had walked up on either side of her. They were rock hard. Tom’s buddy was packing some serious meat too. He was huge in his own right, well over six feet tall and very well-muscled, his cock though… mmm it was maybe six or seven inches but easily as thick as a soda can.

“I just want to see you enjoy yourself.” I loosened my grip on her and moved her left arm up towards Mr. Meat, maneuvering his cock into her hand.

Once Christie had wrapped her fingers around that huge cock I knew she was good to go. She started to work it back and forth and she reached up with her other hand to grab Tom’s cock and began stroking him as well.

Man, I didn’t really like this chick and here I was giving her something that I hadn’t had, at least without solid memory of, in decades. Lucky bitch gets to be double-teamed. But I had a mission to accomplish.

I spent a few more moments caressing Christie’s little boobs and rubbing her pussy before I moved off the bed to let the boys do their work.

Their bedroom had several different chairs in it near Christie’s vanity so I maneuvered them into a setup where I could sit on one of the larger chairs with my legs up on two other smaller chairs spreading myself open towards the action. This also allowed me to get the camera that much closer to the group.

Tom had gotten up on the bed, christie’s lips wrapped around his cock while his buddy dropped to his knees and was noisily eating her box.

I love watching someone get worked over by a couple of guys. Not as much as I love being the one getting worked over, but still.

I licked her juices from my fingers and started to slowly finger myself to the show. But it seemed I wasn’t the only one enjoying the performance…

When the guys had come in they had left the door cracked just a tad, but right now it was open much further. I mostly focused on the action on the bed but I did see that someone was watching the show!

I had hoped it was Chuck but I could tell Haley’s ugly headband anywhere.

I thought at first that she would charge in all pissed off and stop things but I noticed she was just staring at the bed, mouth open and I could just make out the outline of a hand down her skirt.

That’s my girl!

Tom let out a muffled groan and cum exploded into Christie’s mouth. She tried to swallow it but ended up pretty well plastered with jizz.

Fucking seriously? I mean, how do you not manage to swallow it???

Once Tom was finished the guys maneuvered Christie fully onto the bed and Tom and his friend swapped places. She was having a very hard time fitting him in her mouth, but the neglected little thing tried for all she was worth. Tom spent only a few minutes eating her out before he was hard again. He propped himself up between her legs and slide himself inside of her in one smooth motion. Her back arched in ecstasy.

I bet she hasn’t had any wang in ages.

I had a pair of my fingers deep inside me when I noticed that Haley wasn’t just watching the action on the bed. It seems she wasn’t feeling too upset about what happened when I had my mind messed with because she was unabashedly playing with herself under her skirt while watching me do the same.

Tom had been enthusiastically pounding Christie into her squeaky marital bed for several minutes before she had finally managed to get his friend’s fat cock in her mouth.

About time… amateur.

I grabbed a smooth-handled hairbrush off of her vanity and slid it slowly into my fanny. It always feels amazing to have something in both holes. To feel them stretch me out and rub against each other inside of me. I was just working up a nice rhythm when Mr. Meat exploded in her mouth.

She did much better this time, I’m pretty sure she swallowed the whole load. I couldn’t really tell for sure because I was a little occupied with myself.

Tom pulled out of Christie and I swear he did a wrestling tag team motion with his buddy. I’d have bet they’d done this sort of thing before because with well-practiced precision they smoothly swapped places. And Mr. Meat was still hard!

Damn her, lucky bitch!

Christie’s eyes were as wide as saucers at the thought of Mr. Meat inside of her but he didn’t hesitate. As soon as he was in position Tom shoved his cock in her mouth and his buddy plowed right in. Her muffled screams of pain and pleasure pushed me over the top and I had my first wonderful orgasm.

He fucked her like a ragdoll impaled on that huge cock for fifteen minutes before her whole body shook with orgasm. I had worked myself up to nearly my whole fist plus the brush in my fanny by this point.

The boys weren’t done with her by far.

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