Francine Smith

My New Diary!!

Entry# 0

So it finally happened. I knew it would, after all these years of being loyal to Stan I just.. I just had to do it.

Mr. Swat Guy

Entry# 1

This whole adventure started right around the time Steve had his breakdown and barricaded up his school because of a girl, little did I know that a tiny jump into naughtiness a few days earlier would turn that day into something amazing!

My New Cranberry Red Blazer

Entry# 2

You don’t think Stan could just drop me into a real estate office with a blazer on and expect me to just have a job there, do you? I had to work at it!!!!

Clowns & Strip Clubs

Entry# 3

Who would have thought that Haley moving out would bring me not one but two awesome adventures in a single day! After everything, I am going to need a long shower and a good night’s sleep!

Drunk Francine


Entry# 4

After Stan screws with my memory, I’m pretty sure I was with a few dozen men (and kind of with Haley too?) But, I can’t remember all the damn details… so it doesn’t count. Right?

Francine Smith and Bullock

Taking One or Two for the Family

Entry# 5

A wife will do anything to help her family. Sometimes it is a burden, other times it is a joy, this time it was FANTASTIC!

Here Cums the Neighborhood

Entry# 6

I decided to cheer up poor Mr. Tuttle and get to know some of the new neighbors. Of course, I had to save Stan from being arrested, but that was fun too!

Stan’s Deconship

Entry# 7

So the last week has been pretty hectic. Stan ran for, won (with some help from yours truly), and resigned his post as Deacon of our church. And I am pretty sure I ruined someone’s life in the process, but that’s ok. That smug bitch and her family had it coming. But I had a lot of fun doing it!