Clowns & Strip Clubs

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Entry# 3

Dear Diary,

Today was absolutely amazing! Haley decided to move out with Jeff, which isn’t the amazing part, but this lead to not just one but TWO fun encounters for me.

So first off, Haley didn’t go very far, she is sleeping in her boyfriend Jeff’s van and it broke down right in front of the house. So… she’s kinda still here. Jeff seems like a loser but he’s real cutie… and Haley says he fucks like the energizer bunny!

Mmmm, maybe someday.

Anyway. Stan is freaking out over all this and is trying all kinds of dumb things to get her to come back inside the house.

He even tried a clown and a damn petting zoo! When that failed I assumed he’d run off to try something else, I wasn’t exactly sure as I was very bored with the whole thing from the start. So I had gone upstairs for a little Francine time.

I had slipped out of my clothes and jumped onto our huge bed, thinking about Karl’s massive load. It had been a few days since then but I could almost still taste it. I was a little sad that the office had gotten closed down the day after I blew my way in… I really wanted to feel that monster cock inside of me.

The thought of that huge thing and all that yummy cum had me wet in no time.

I was using my fingers as always… Dammit, I wish I had a sex toy of some kind. Stan would never go for that, I tried a few times years ago but he always got mad at me for wanting one so I just went without. I had one finger in my pussy and I was just starting to reach my other hand around to slip a finger into my fanny. Franny Fanny! I love saying that!

But before my Fanny could get any attention…

Unknown to me at the time, Stan had paid the clown upfront for a block of time, and when it was obvious that it wasn’t going to get Hayley to stay Stan sent the clown inside to “read to me” to use up his two hours. So this odd-looking little man in suspenders and over-sized shoes came into the house looking for me.

So, just as I was about to pop one inside my fanny I heard the clown man’s squeaky horn toot in surprise. I looked up and there he was, standing in the doorway staring at me about to double time myself. I was so shocked. I never expect to get caught at home… no one pays attention to me except Klaus and he isn’t exactly mobile in his fishbowl.

I didn’t react at first, I just laid there with my legs spread towards the door until I saw that he was unconsciously licking his lips at the sight of me.

Damn, I love to be looked at like a piece of meat! It sent shivers down my spine and my box gushed a little.

I slowly moved my hand away from my dripping pussy and scooted myself up onto a few pillows, keeping my legs spread wide for him. He didn’t take the hint so I just said one word.


And oh boy was he! I swear he jumped from the door to the bed in a single bound, his face buried in my pussy before I could blink.

He was like a starving man getting off a desert island and eating real food for the first time. He was a flurry of sucking my clit, driving his oddly large tongue deep inside me, fingering my pussy and my ass. I was willing to let him fuck me but he just ate and ate and ate. I came so many times I lost count and he still kept eating me out.

I was in heaven. Stan never eats me out anymore. Even for a warm-up… nothing. But this guy…this strange little man… He went down on me for two full hours before he had to leave. When he did finally stop I couldn’t catch my breath long enough to thank him, he just left without a word.

I told Stan to sign a nice big tip for him!

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