Clowns & Strip Clubs

Reading Time: About 9 minutes

I could barely walk after that, my legs were shaking so bad. But, a mom always has work to do so I soldiered on.

I took care of some of Haley’s laundry and rinsed out her tinkle can for her… she didn’t have a toilet in the van. When I took them back out Haley still wasn’t there. But there was a schedule for a STRIP CLUB and Haley had traded shifts with Tina for tonight!

I’m all for Haley stripping or even being an escort, whatever she wants to do, but Stan would lose his mind so I knew I had to get there before Stan found out what she was doing.

So I found my way down to the strip club and was inside the loud, dimly lit room before I realized I had actually never been inside a strip club before. Where would the girls be other than on stage?

Haley wasn’t there, instead, there was a girl who was clumsily shaking her tits on the little stage. It made me feel really good to see her, I must be twice her age but I know I looked wayyyyy better than her.

I looked around but did not see Haley anywhere on the main floor, but there were several rooms behind curtains so of course, I checked those.

The first was empty, but the next one had a very beautiful young woman with chestnut hair styled in tiny little ringlet curls and not a stitch of clothes on her. Now, this girl was smoking hot. Petite yet toned. Perfectly perky C cup breasts, round little ass, and a bald little kitty.

She was dancing in a room with three guys who were probably in college or something. I squeaked a quick “Sorry” and popped back out to the main stage area. I didn’t want to ruin her performance. I was looking around for other doorways to check when I heard a sweet voice coming from behind me. “Hey, come here!”

It was the young woman, she was hidden behind the curtain except for her face. “Hey, these guys begged me to grab you. Wanna make some money really fast?”

“I would but I need to find my daughter Haley.” I really was interested in her idea though, not so much the money, Stan takes care of all that, but she was barely eighteen with a perfect body and these guys wanted to see me over her?! I was super flattered.

Before I could turn away from the girl her face lit up, “Haley left to grab something for one of the other girls. She’ll be back in like ten or so minutes. Plenty of time for you to join me! Come on!” and from inside the room behind her I could hear the guys yelling, “Yea, come on! You’re fucking hot. Please!”

So… I did. Hehehehe

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