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Entry# 9

Dear Diary,

This week, Stan went crazy… sigh… again. This time he went to war against smut on TV, and we ended up nearly destroying a local station with.. well more smut. But I love a good bit of exhibition!

It all started when Stan finally ‘discovered himself’ which left me feeling extra unappreciated at home. I mean, good for him but I am a beautiful, sexy woman and would like my husband to give me some kind of attention. Especially after the abuse my body went through with Bullock I was really craving some plain, vanilla Stan sex.

I decided to try to spice things up a bit… I figured a sexy little costume would be just the thing to get Stan’s attention off of himself and back onto me. Now, one doesn’t just go out and buy a slutty costume and not have had a little fun with it!

It’s still too early for the Halloween stores to pop up so I had to find an actual porn shop. With Stan’s aversion to all things kinky and fun, I hadn’t been to one since they went mainstream. There’s a surprising amount of them around! I popped into a fairly upscale looking one and the guy behind the counter gave a half-hearted ‘hullo’ without even looking up from the counter.

I guess not many people visit an adult store at nine in the morning… at least not the kind you want to interact with.

The store was laid out easy enough. Dirty movies on the right, dildos on the back wall. Ahh, I really wish I could convince Stan to let me have one or two… some look really fun… oh well. The sexy outfits were on my left so I wandered over that way.

There were so many to choose from! Sexy cop, sexy nun, sexy Harry Potter school girl, a leather strapped dominatrix harness… I had wandered a little out of the costume area hehe. Anyway, I picked out a few of my favorites and walked up to the bored counter guy.

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