Notes from the Webmaster

General updates from the Webmaster

  • June-15-2020
    • End-of-world...Blah blah...lost job... Blah Blah... Moved.. Blah Blah...
    • Moved web hosts which meant a lot of behind-the-scenes changes. Hopefully, everything is working correctly.
    • Finally finished a rough draft of Entry 15 that I liked... give me a few days to edit and it should be up.
  • March-27-2020 -
    • Added this page for general updates on the site, out-of-character (OOC) updates on writing, etc.
    • Removed the ads at the bottom of the page as I hate popups and redirects and one of the advertisers in the network had them.
    • Writing should resume on Monday the 30th. I changed jobs from nights to days and then Covid-19 temporarily killed that... On the upside, I should be able to write more overall.
  • Jan-3-2020
    • General site improvements to readability and navigation
    • Edited many of the posts to fix some grammar/flow issues.
    • Changed the rating system from the zero-used WUplike system to a new Star rating system - so far people are actually using it!!!
  • Jan-7-2020
    • Made tons of adjustments to the age-gate system in order to resolve an error a very small number of users were experiencing. Hopefully, it is resolved. Thanks to the 9gag community for helping me identify this issue!
    • Modified the front page to encourage people to read the diary in order. This is a journey that Francine is on and as such the changes will not be as impactful (or make as much sense) if you don't read them in order.