Mr. Swat Guy

Entry# 1

This whole adventure started right around the time Steve had his breakdown and barricaded up his school because of a girl, little did I know that a tiny jump into naughtiness a few days earlier would turn that day into something amazing!

My New Cranberry Red Blazer

Entry# 2

You don’t think Stan could just drop me into a real estate office with a blazer on and expect me to just have a job there, do you? I had to work at it!!!!

Clowns & Strip Clubs

Entry# 3

Who would have thought that Haley moving out would bring me not one but two awesome adventures in a single day! After everything, I am going to need a long shower and a good night’s sleep!

Drunk Francine


Entry# 4

After Stan screws with my memory, I’m pretty sure I was with a few dozen men (and kind of with Haley too?) But, I can’t remember all the damn details… so it doesn’t count. Right?

Prime Time

Entry# 9

This week, Stan went crazy… sigh… again. This time he went to war against smut on TV, and we ended up nearly destroying a local station with..well more smut. But I love a good bit of exhibition!

American Dad S1E14

All Tied Up

Entry# 14

Stan faked a robbery to trick Haley into liking guns… but it turned out that I was the one who got the treat… or rather took it!