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Entry# 1

Dear Diary,

This whole adventure started right around the time Steve had his breakdown and barricaded up his school because of a girl, little did I know that a tiny jump into naughtiness a few days earlier would turn that day into something amazing!

It actually began a few days before Steve’s breakdown. The day started out boring as ever. I made breakfast, as usual, which Stan ruined by shooting the toast. Steve was blabbing on and on about the cheerleader he wanted.

So, I decided to spice things up a little, just a little.

I am still not sure what came over me. Not ten feet from the whole family while making breakfast I leaned over the little kitchen island and pulled off my panties. I finished making breakfast and walked around the rest of the day exposed save for my staple pink dress.

It felt so good and naughty that I decided right then and there to go without wearing panties ever again!

I know, not much, so sue me it’s been 20 years since I did something sexy.

Klaus almost outed me when Steve got home from school too!!! He looked right up my dress, which was felt amazing honestly, I had forgotten how great it was to get peeked at… great that is right up until he loudly declared to the whole family that he could see my Schmutzplätzen!

Luckily no one in the family speaks German, but my heart still jumped so hard I almost peed a little!

At least it was something… But it was nothing compared to what my new fashion decision would soon bring me!

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