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Entry# 15

Dear Diary,

Boy, has it been one hell of a week… but what else is new? While everyone was focused on Steve and his new writing career no one knew that I saved Stan from jail, helped Steve’s grades, and most importantly, saved my beautiful blonde hair. You know… it seems like saving Stan from going to jail was becoming par for the course.

Anyway, my week started just terribly. My hairdresser decided he was straight, so his magic tough was gone. And wow did it show! I have been getting my roots touched up weekly since before the kids were born, hell I don’t think they even know I’m really a brunette. Besides, I know Stan hates my natural hair color… hell I can’t stand it either, after all, blondes have more fun!

What makes this such a disaster for me is unless you are friends with, or are, somebody famous the only other good stylist in town won’t even talk to you. Since I didn’t know any famous people to try to “persuade” and, of course, Mr. Beauregard is gay so I can’t “persuade” him directly… Yup, I was completely boned and not in a fun way.

Stan wasn’t shy about letting me know how much he hated looking at me either.  The moment he saw the brown peeking through my lovely blonde on Monday morning it was all he could talk about. The only thing that took his mind off of how bad I looked was Steve’s report card. He’s a smart kid but apparently, he’s failing English class. He said it was because his English teacher Mr. Durvin hated him.

I got all giddy inside when I heard this. With Steve being such a good kid at school I haven’t had the opportunity to be the mom that does anything to help her kids. I’d love to have that kind of reputation!

I was about to jump in to take care of things but it seemed that while I was imagining my role as Parent of the Year Stan had rushed out to confront Mr. Durvin himself! And knowing Stan, I was going to have to bail him out of trouble for whatever he cooked up. Still fun, but not what I was honestly hoping for. Oh well, maybe after parent-teacher night I could make a few new friends, you know… in the interest of Steve’s grades.

Of course, I was right about Stan. The only thing I did not count on was just how far he would take things. I really should have known too. Stan came home all giddy over how he held the whole Durvin family at gunpoint. Freakin’ gunpoint! I wasn’t sure if even I could fix this… I figured I would be too late to stop the damage, but still… I had to try. I smiled at Stan with my best “Good Boy” face and said I was off to keep looking for a new hairdresser.

Stan practically tossed me out of the house. As I said, he absolutely hates my roots showing!

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