Extra Credit

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I was really worried! It’s one thing for stan to beat someone up, or to pull his gun for a moment and wave it around. But to actually hold a family at gunpoint… I’m good but I wasn’t sure if I was THAT good!

I ran three lights on the way to the Durvins’ house. Luckily, I didn’t get pulled over. I do want to try my hand at getting out of a ticket someday, but I was in a hurry! Wow, it sounds like I have a bucket list forming!

I breathed a small sigh of relief as I pulled up to the Durvin’s house. It was dark, with no sign of police or other activity. I jumped out of the car and ran to the front door, which hung slightly open.

“Mister Durvin! Misses Durvin!” I yelled out as I poked my head through the door.

I tend to not think too much about what Stan does to other people, who wants that kind of headache? But when I saw the Durvins huddled with their kids on the floor in the dark, everyone crying, I couldn’t help but wonder if Stan didn’t deserve to go away for a few years… But my duty as a wife and mother is to protect her family, no matter what.

So, I buried those non-productive thoughts and slapped on a reassuring smile as I walked in. I flipped a switch on the wall and a small table lamp sprang to life. Their crying stopped immediately, replaced by wide-eyed stares and trembles as they looked past me. Probably for Stan…

“It’s ok,” I kept repeating as I slowly approached. “I’m here to help”.  I crouched at the edge of the living room rug where Stan had left them huddled in terror. I made sure that my knees weren’t locked together, I needed to see if I had any hope of turning this around.

The kids responded to my soothing voice by leaping up and into my arms. Mr. and Mrs. seemed shell-shocked, so I wasn’t surprised that they weren’t about to comfort the kids themselves. I wrapped an arm around each sobbing child and hugged them, telling them that they were safe.

I made sure to spread my legs in my effort to steady myself. Both the Durvins were staring at my kitty and muttering to themselves. So hopefully, I still had a chance. Mr. and Mrs., I didn’t know their names at this point, are a fairly average looking couple. He had a thick mustache and was only a tad out of shape, she had a short pixie haircut and really, really long legs. All things considered, I was going to enjoy saving Stan.

If I could pull this off…

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