Extra Credit

About <1 minutes to read.

I popped my bra off to let the twins work their magic. As if on cue Mr. Durvin stood up lightly rubbing an unusually long bulge in his crotch. I moved towards him instinctively but instead of coming to ravage me he turned and sat in a smaller side chair, scooting it to face the couch.

I was so enthralled with the thought of that cock that I had not noticed the Mrs. was standing behind me wearing only a pair of lacey white panties and matching bra! I only realized it when she grabbed me by the hand and turned me round to face her, and before I could truly register what was happening, she pushed her large, soft lips against mine and her tongue was eagerly exploring my mouth.

She held me very tightly as we kissed, grinding herself eagerly against my nude form. She was a very passionate kisser, but I could tell she was a little hesitant. I would bet anything that she was a girl virgin. She wrapped her hands around my waist and the back of my head and held me tightly, but she didn’t try to explore further.

God, I wanted her to explore further!

My hands, on the other… well… hand, eagerly massaged everywhere they could. Through her tight embrace that pretty much meant just her cute little butt. As I squeezed her cheeks under her lacy little panties I prodded my fingers against her little hole. She gave her hips a sudden thrust and my finger popped easily inside her fanny.

I would have bet I could have fit several digits inside without much effort, she was well used back there.

Now, I love making out as much as the next girl. And I enjoyed the simplicity of just holding her as our tongues danced around in each other’s mouths. But I was getting wet enough to leave little trails down my thighs ten minutes ago… I had to do something!

You know how they say in times of great need people are capable of great feats of strength? Like lifting cars off of loved ones and all that? Yea, I lifted her up as if she was nothing and carried her around the table to the couch.

It appeared that Mr. Durvin had been enjoying the show. He had his cock out and was slowly stroking the long slender shaft. And I do mean long! It was at least nine inches and topped with a wonderfully bulbous mushroom head. The kind that lets you feel every movement inside of you. No wonder her ass was so open, he was especially well built for it!

I kneeled down to lower her to the couch, unhooking her bra as I set her down. She had small but very perky breasts. I pushed her arms up against the cushions and held them there, my naked body pressed against hers. I started by kissing down her long neck, little moans driving me wild. I suckled her tiny little breasts for just a moment before I slank to the floor, between her well-muscled legs. I lifted them onto my shoulders and slowly pulled off her white lace panties.

Her pussy was glistening, clean-shaven, and just… irresistible. I had my tongue buried in her before she knew what hit her.

I was sure glad I had closed the kids’ room door, she was a screamer! She grabbed my head with both hands and held me tightly against her sloppy wet box. It took my magic tongue only a few moments to bring her to a screaming, quivering orgasm. I wondered if Mr. was so into her ass… did her box get any attention at all?

I couldn’t let the poor, neglected thing go with only one orgasm so just before her orgasm faded away I latched onto her swollen clit once more and suckled it, very gently at first, just on the edge of too much sensation, but never past it before speeding up ever so slightly, and soon I was able to bring her screaming to another orgasm.

I felt, more than heard, the coffee table being shoved aside. I obediently got up on my knees and when Mr.’s hands gripped my hips I was practically begging for him to do anything. I didn’t have to wait long, his rough mouth pressed against my aching pussy. He licked and prodded around eagerly, darting inside me and working around my clit.

For a moment I thought, Maybe I was wrong about his preferences. But, I was just getting into a nice rhythm with him when his tongue suddenly slid up past my pussy and right into my ass.

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