Extra Credit

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“But.. my- my ass will never take that!”

“That’s what Don always says.” She wrapped a hand around the mammoth thing and gave it a shake, she couldn’t even get her fingers to touch it was so big around. “But, lucky for you, Don only like ass. And he won’t be done with yours for hours.”

“Hours?” I will admit that there was an equal amount of fear and excitement in my voice.

“Well, until either Don cums or my batteries die,” She turned around and bent over to show off a bright pink “U” shaped double vibrator that she had inserted into her pussy and ass. “So, at least a few hours.”

She walked up between my legs and sat on Don’s knees. She lifted my legs onto hers while Don held me up by my ass cheeks. He raised me up until his head was just on the verge of popping out again while Lynn maneuvered the head of the monster against my drenched pussy. She slathered the shaft up with lube, enjoying the fear in my eyes just a little too much.

I would have said something or tried to stop her but honestly, what choice did I have?

I gritted my teeth and tried to relax as she forced the head inside me. I threw my head back as the breath was blasted out of me. It was like giving birth while on the edge of an orgasm!  I felt the fullness in my toes and at the end of my hair, and she barely had 3 inches of it inside of me!

I focused on my breathing, you’d be surprised at how much that helps! Of course, I had forgotten something in my deep concentration.


The moment I relaxed the tiniest bit Don dropped the hold on my cheeks. Completely. Gravity forced not only the monster dildo deeper into my pussy but also Don’s eager cock deeper into my ass.

But I didn’t hit his lap right away… No, I slowly slid down, gradually being impaled as they stretched me to my breaking point.

I couldn’t help it. I started to scream… Half-way down.

My body shook and I cried. Three-quarters down.

When I finally came to rest on Don’s lap I came. I don’t mean I had an orgasm… I had THE orgasm. I felt like a jumping jack that had been electrocuted, I was thrashing and wiggling so much. I came harder than I have ever cum, ever. I came, and I came, and I came.

Don grabbed my ass-cheeks and lifted me up just to drop me again to slowly slide down while I was still cumming. I’m not actually sure if I ever stopped cumming. It would sort of fade down to a low roar as they plowed into me over and over again and then I would cum again. JUST. AS. HARD. But it never really stopped.

I think Lynn came in those first few minutes too… I’m not sure but she screamed out and that’s when they sped up their pounding the first time. Then she would scream out again a few minutes later and they would speed up more. They bounced me up and down with such force, and I was so stretched out, that I became little more than a floppy fuck toy.

I was so happy!

I know I passed out at one point, but that didn’t stop them and I woke up cumming again.

Many dizzying hours later I became aware of a low rumble from behind me. Don wrapped his arms around me and instead of letting gravity move me, he started to slam me down onto the cocks with all the force he could muster. A roar burst out of him like from some wild animal and I could feel his warm juice pump into me as he had his own extreme orgasm.

When he was spent Lynn slid down onto the floor in a shaking mass of happy exhaustion. The huge strapon slid out of me without a hit of resistance. As Don’s arms fell limply to his sides I pitched forward and fell to the floor, completely unable to move, cum pouring out of my ass as I passed out again.

I woke up in the dark, still on the floor, neither Lynn nor Don was anywhere to be seen. I could barely move, I was still shaking and unbelievably sore. I thought that team had ridden me hard… man. I seriously do not know how I got to the car and back home but it was close to dawn when I did.

Turns out I made quite an impression on the Durvins. Not only did they not call the police but Don submitted a story of Steve’s to a publisher who loved it. The fame Steve gained earned me a spot with Mr. Beauregard!

I had my beautiful hair back!!!

I'd really love to hear about what you thought of my adventures this week!

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