Extra Credit

About <1 minutes to read.

The sobbing had stopped after a few moments and the children had that limp noodle feeling kids get just before passing out. “Come on kids, it will be ok. I’ll tuck you into bed and when you wake up this will all be just a dream,” as I stood up I stared right at Mr. and Mrs.,” I won’t go anywhere kids. I’ll be right down here with your parents keeping everyone safe.” I winked at the two of them and took the kids upstairs.

They were completely passed out before I had even reached their beds. I tucked them in, wiping the tears from their eyes. Stan really was an ass to do this.

I made sure to close their door on my way out, no sense waking them up if things went as planned.

When I returned to the living room the Durvins had turned on a few more lights and were sitting together on the couch looking confused. I approached them slowly, stopping just on the other side of the oval coffee table. “So… Stan is an ass. I know. And I am very sorry for his behavior.”

They listened to me apologize in silence, nodding their heads in agreement. I noticed Mrs. had her eyes locked on my chest the whole time.

I bit my lip and ran a finger slowly across my cleavage, “I was hoping that I could… you know, persuade you to not call the police.”  My finger traced a line down just under the hem of my dress.

As if the thought of calling the police hadn’t yet occurred to Mr. Durvin his face lit up and his hand shot over to the phone sitting on the end table next to him.

This is it. Stan is going to jail. I thought in despair.

Just as his fingers wrapped around the receiver Mrs. put her hand on his knee, leaning in close to him to whisper something in his ear. He froze, listening to her talk as her hand moved up his thigh.

I took my cue, “So I was thinking,” I slipped the strap of my dress off my left shoulder, “If you would forget about this whole thing,” the right strap fell limply off my shoulder, “You could use me,” my dress tumbled to the floor, “Any way you wanted.”

I hopped their floor was clean because Mr. Durvin could have scraped the floor with his jaw. His wife looked me up and down with a wide smile on her face and I could see her bottom wiggle with excitement.

It seems at least somebody didn’t mind my roots showing!

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