Clowns & Strip Clubs

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I was just about to cum when I heard a chorus grunting half-shouts, “Fuck yes, I can’t hold it anymore!” I had completely forgotten about our audience! My eyes popped open to see the boys, one standing in front of me, the others on either side of me, pants down and furiously beating their cocks at us.

I came just as the first boy shot his load all over my face. He was on his fourth or fifth jet of cum when the other two erupted, covering my face and tits in warm, sticky goodness. I couldn’t believe how much they came! I don’t know if I forgot how much jizz the average guy shot or what but so far everyone other than Stan has been like a geyser, and I loved it.

Being covered in so much spunk made me cum on her face that much harder!

I opened my mouth to try to catch as much as I could but most of it had dribbled off my chest and all over the stripper girl’s tits and tummy, I didn’t think she had even noticed what was going on as her face was still buried in my snatch and she was eagerly lapping up my juices.

I was definitely not going to let all this cum go to waste though! So I did what any horny woman would do when there is a puddle of cum on a hot young woman’s nude body, I lifted my pussy off of her face, positioned my cum soaked tits over her mouth (I wasn’t going to keep the feast all to myself!) and shoved them right into her face at the same time I dove in and started slurping up the cum that had mostly pooled in her tiny little navel.

She seemed shocked at first but soon got over it and started to lick me clean as I did the same for her. I gobbled up mouthful after mouthful of cum. Even scooped it off my face with my fingers. I swallowed almost every drop… almost. The last mouthful though, I saved.

I know how to share!

When I was sure there was no more cum to be gathered up anywhere I quickly hopped off her and pulled her up to stand against me. I didn’t wait for her to stop me I just held her nude, sticky body against mine and gave her the biggest, deepest, cum filled kiss ever!

The guys were hooting and hollering as we stood there making out with a mouth full of their mixed cum. She seemed to really love it because she didn’t hold back. Our kiss was deep and constant. Our hands each found each others’ pussy at the same time and we started to finger each other with renewed vigor.

I was just about to cum again when I heard Stan yelling in the main room.


I let her swallow the cum since I had several mouthfuls already and demanded one of the guys’ shirts. I cleaned myself off with it and quickly got dressed. Glad all I wear is a simple dress, makes getting in and out of it really fast.

As I turned to leave the guys each handed me a large wad of bills.

I looked at the girl and saw that she too had a nice wad of bills, then the delicious little stripper finally told me her name, “Claire, I’m Claire… I hope I see you again.” It almost looked like she was blushing at me.

Awww, she was so cute.

I smiled at her and jumped out the doorway just in time to see Stan fighting with a bunch of strippers. Jesus, my first time in a strip club ever and I get to eat out one of the strippers and share some cum with her and what does he do, he gets in an all-out brawl with them…

Anyway. I put a stop to that nonsense and convinced Stan that stripping isn’t terrible. We stayed a while to watch some of the girls so we could support Haley when she danced. Claire saw me with Stan and played it cool, so did the boys who left shortly after our fun.

The whole time Stan complained about how bad this place smelled. I just smiled, nodded, and subconsciously licked my lips 😉

I even used the cash I made to tip Haley when she danced to show her mommy loved her.

I'd really love to hear about what you thought of my adventures this week!

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