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Taking One or Two for the Family

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Entry# 5

Dear Diary,

After my last adventure, I really needed a small break, I might not have remembered exactly what happened at Burning Man but my vag was sure sore. No opportunities for mischief had presented themselves for a few days anyway.

Well, not until Stan started having trouble at work. Luckily kitty was ready to play by then!

Apparently, there was an up-in-coming CIA agent named Duper who was beating my Stan the Man at every turn. I tried to help by coming up with a great one-liner for Stan to use during training but it bombed. I suggested to Stan that he invite Deputy Director Bullock over for dinner and brown-nosing so we could win Stan some points with the boss.

Plus I figured if I could get him alone for a few minutes I could find a way to score some points!

The next morning before work Stan had decided that we needed an extra edge at dinner, he wouldn’t have bothered if he knew what I was planning but that’s ok, more opportunity for fun. He wanted to get some incriminating photos of Duper to show Bullock.

And just like that, I had two opportunities for adventure!

We concocted a plan where we would get photos of Duper eating foreign food, which is apparently a no-no at the CIA. Since he knew Stan we had to make this an undercover operation for me. I got to play dress-up!

We picked out an outfit for me to wear that made it look like I was delivering a food order. Duper had the day off so he would hopefully be home all day. Wouldn’t that have sucked if he was out all day? Anyway, I grabbed an old work shirt of Haley’s from falafel-hut and a matching skirt. I’m several cup-sizes larger than Haley so the shirt gave me some great cleavage and an eye-catching level of button-strain.

Thank god Stan had gone off to work already, he would have never let me leave the house looking like this. That and the skirt I picked out was… well, indecently short. Hehehehe.

I attached the tiny camera Stan left for me to the shirt where I hoped Duper wouldn’t see it and I drove over to the Falafel-hut and ordered some food. When the drive-thru guy saw my Double D’s practically popping out of my shirt he nearly fell out of the window! He even forgot to charge me!!

The boy couldn’t have been much older than Steve, definitely a virgin, but it was still nice to get that kind of reaction…

I wonder if I should think about taking a few virginities hehehehe, well that’s for another time I suppose.

Anyway, with food in the bag and Dupers address in hand, I suddenly got nervous. What if he recognized me from a photo on Stan’s desk? What if he made a huge scene about getting a delivery he didn’t order? What if he wasn’t attracted to me!?

I was being silly. At least that’s what I tried to tell myself. I tried all the way to his house, up to his walkway, and right up to his door. I was so worked up that I was ringing his doorbell before I realized what I was doing.

He opened the door and all at once the fear flew out of me. He didn’t even finish asking “What do you want.” Before just trailing off, eyes locked on my chest…

Boobs really are great.

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