Francine Smith and Bullock

Taking One or Two for the Family

Reading Time: About 10 minutes

I blurted out the line I spent all day practicing, “I have your food order sir!” and grinned like an idiot.

It wasn’t much but I hadn’t acted in years. Anyway, he just nodded and opened the door as I walked in holding his food. He gladly followed me into the kitchen, likely because the teeny tiny skirt was probably giving him a good view of my ass..

“I hope you like it, sir.” I said, “Here I’ll lay it out for you.” As I started to set the food out on the table for him, he just stayed quiet, watching me work. It wasn’t until I had set all the food out that he seemed to realize something wasn’t right.

“I didn’t order any food.” he was still watching my curves and not my eyes so I knew I still had a chance.

I put on my best pouty-face and said in the sweetest voice possible, “Well. I’ve already set out the food so I can’t take it back! It’s my first day, I don’t wanna get in trouble.” I made sure to lean in over the food so he could see even more of my chest. “Please, Mr.?”

Men are so easy to manipulate. He slowly sat down and grabbed a falafel. I let out a girly giggle and a little jump of joy, which fluffed my skirt just enough to show him that I wasn’t wearing any panties.

I love going without, makes life sooooo easy.

That brought a nice wide smile to his face and he seemed to relax a bit. He took a solid bite of the food and I snapped a picture for Stan. With my main task done, I moved onto my own mission.

I grabbed one of the buttons on my shirt and gave it a meaningful tug, “Ugg, This uniform is like four sizes too small. Does it look bad on me?”

He slowly shook his head, “N… no. It looks great!”

“Are you sure?” I gave the middle button a good tug and it popped right off. “Oh no, I need that button!” Without waiting to see if he would help I dropped down on my knees and started to crawl around looking for my button. I made sure to turn my back to him as I looked around.

The super-short skirt did just what I wanted it to, it rode up over my ass, giving him a full view of my bald pussy.

I heard the falafel fall out of his hand and hit the table with a thud. Hehehehehe! I stole a peek back at him and saw that not only was he staring at my pussy but he was rubbing his crotch too. I let him stare for a few more minutes, you know, to really get his crank going before I turned back towards him. I pretended not to have noticed what he was doing and I made my way over to him. I stopped right between his legs and plopped my butt down in defeat.

“Poo. I can’t find it.” I gave a small shrug of my shoulders and said, “Well, at least it looks like I found something more interesting!” and I reached out and grabbed his bulge.  He was huge, not Karl huge but still… I could feel that he was rock hard too. “Looks like you found me interesting as well.”

He smiled and nodded enthusiastically.

As a reward for his compliment, I undid the ill-fitting shirt and dropped it behind me, puffing out my chest. “Do you want to see more?”

He nodded again with great eagerness.

“Well then, stand up for me and get that thick rod out for me.” I sat back on my heels and popped off my bra as he practically leaped from the chair. He undid his fly and dropped his pants in one swift motion. He hadn’t even finished standing back up from pulling down his boxers by the time I had a hand wrapped around his wonderful cock and pulled him right down my throat.

God, there is almost nothing better than sucking a cock. The power of it, the control of the whole man. Then the loss of control to him…mmmm.

He put his hand on the top of my head and started to guide me gently back and forth. I grabbed his ass with both hands and showed him how he didn’t need to be so gentle. I rammed his cock down my throat all the way to his swollen balls. Apparently, his wife didn’t take care of him very often as they were absolutely filled to bursting with cum. He got the point right away and started to vigorously face fuck me.

I had just started to massage my clit and get into a solid rhythm with him jamming his cock down my throat when he yanked his cock out, leaned down, grabbed me by my thighs, and picked me up like I was nothing.

It was like flying!

I didn’t have time to even wonder where he was going to set me down, he immediately brought me down and impaled me on his cock. With my legs held up and the angle he had me he got in incredibly deep, I swear I could feel him in my tummy! This also offered the most amazing contact with my clit every time he slammed me down!

I don’t remember any of the fuckings that I had at burning man, but this, this I will remember forever!

He lifted me up and slammed me back down over and over again. It was like a wonderful jackhammer between my legs.

Wham wham wham!

I moaned, I screamed. I shook. I came so many times I lost count. He stood there, fucking me silly for over a half an hour before he dropped me gently on the floor and shoved his cock back in my mouth. It was covered in a mix of my cream and his precum.


I thought he set me down because he was ready to finish, oh boy was I wrong!

He face-fucked me for several more minutes before yanking himself back out. I looked up at him, expecting him to shoot his load all over my face or something. My hair was matted to my face with sweat, and I felt kind of dizzy from the vigorous fucking and lack of air from deep throating him, but I swear he was smirking at me.

It didn’t take long for me to figure out what he was up to.

He picked me up off the floor and turned me around, still holding me in the air as though I weighed nothing. I leaned into him waiting for him to shove himself back inside me, either in my pussy or my fanny I didn’t care.

It was my pussy again, my fanny was safe. For now.

But that was not what he was really up to. I was just barely aware that he had started to walk forward as he fucked me… He started to bite on my neck which always drives me crazy so I lost track of where we were going. When he stopped I opened my eyes just as he leaned me forward a bit right to his huge living room window. He pinned me up against it, my breasts smashed against the cold glass for anyone and everyone to see.

He leaned his head right up to my ear and said, “I know your Stan’s wife.”

And then he really started to fuck me.

“Ohhhh fuuuuuuk!’ I screamed

I lost all control. He fucked me like a rag doll against his window. I’m sure more than a few people stopped to watch but I didn’t care. Ten minutes, and several orgasms later, he let out a primal roar and pumped me full of his cum. I could feel his cock pulsing, pumping his thick jizz inside of me. I felt as though I would burst!

I came one last time and then I passed out.

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