Stan’s Deconship

About <1 minutes to read.

I walked up to Chuck and told him point-blank that I had seen him offering to do ‘Anything, and I mean ANYTHING’ for a vote or two so I told him that I would give him my vote if he did something for me.

He wasn’t interested at first and turned to walk away when I told him, “No, not from you. Lemme have Christine for an hour and you can have my vote. I’ll even talk some of the other wives into voting for you.”

He stopped and took a slow look around the room, counting the female parishioners.

“It could mean a lot of votes…”

He nodded and walked over to his wife. She looked really happy that he was finally paying attention to her. Poor thing. Honestly, what is her life like with this a-hole? She looked furious at first. But when Chuck pointed over at me she nodded her head and smiled.

A moment later and she was heading upstairs.

Chuck walked back to me rubbing his hands together, “Ok your all set. She’ll be in the master bedroom at the top of the spiral stairs. The one with the imported double doors Ha HA!”

God that laugh thing he does really pisses me off. But I smiled and before I could walk away he was already heading over to another man to hit on.

On my way to the stairs I took a small detour over to my cop friend. I leaned into him and whispered, “Big bedroom, top of the stairs. Ten minutes and bring your friend.”. I noticed Haley was watching me with a raised eyebrow so I tried not to look too suspicious slipping up the stairs and through the partially open double doors.

Imported my ass.

Christie was sitting nervously on their oversized bed. She had already removed her skirt and top and was sitting in a plain white set of utility underwear. You know, full butt panties and a pedestrian bra. Pfft, better wife my sweat aunt fanny.

When she saw me she blurted out, “I don’t usually do this but Chuck said it was important. You won’t tell a soul right?”

“No dear.” I said with a reassuring smile, “What happens up here, stays up here. But we should hurry, we only have an hour.” I unbuttoned my top which had her transfixed. I made sure to set it carefully on a nearby chair so that the little hidden camera could see the bed and I flicked the tiny switch so it would snap every few seconds.

“Have you ever…” she said hesitantly.

“Fucked a woman dear?” I dropped my bra and let her see what a perfect pair of double D’s looked like.

She just nodded her head and unfastened her bra. Her breasts were ok, small but at least they were mostly perky. She had really tiny nipples too, which fit her well because she was a very small woman. Maybe Five-five and barely ninety pounds wet. Still, she was cute enough.

“Of course.” I dropped my skirt to the floor. She just stared open-mouthed at the fact that I wasn’t wearing panties, “I assume you haven’t?”

She nodded her head and quite nervously pulled her panties down. Full bush… wow. This chick needs to let loose a bit.

I got on the bed and moved to sit behind her, with her back to me and my legs stretched out on either side of her. She was still facing the door. I gave her small shoulders a light caress, which drew shivers from her. My hands lightly caressed her body, playfully avoiding all the best parts. I know how to get a girl nice and worked up.

I had just started kissing on her neck when I saw the door slowly open.

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