Bullock Brings the Family Together

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So Haley was the girl I tasted, mmmmmm delicious. I guess she took care of Stan’s problem for me.

My dress, bra, shoes… well everything of mine except my purse was soaked with cum. I snatched up his robe and tied it tightly around my body.

What the hell is the CIA doing with pills like that anyway?! What use could it be? I love cum, probably more than most women but still, that was too much even for me!

I wonder what other kinds of pills they have…

I stumbled in the door a little after four… I did the math and he had fucked me for six hours straight!!! I stumbled downstairs and threw my dress, the bra, and the robe into the wash. I walked upstairs from the basement completely nude, carrying my shoes. I was feeling a little sick to my stomach so I didn’t notice that Steve and his friends Barry and Snot were sitting on the couch the whole time until I heard Snot say “Wow Mrs. S you’re looking great!!

I just ignored them as best I could and walked upstairs towards our bedroom. I expected Snot and Barry to stare so I did manage to put a little wiggle in my walk. I nearly tripped on the steps when I realized that Steve was staring at me as well and was not unhappy to see me.

Oh well, I’ll deal with that another day.

I walked past Haley’s room and stopped to peek in on her. If she had half the working over that I had she might not be alright.

She was passed out on top of her bed, completely nude. She hadn’t even managed to shower off. Her breathing was slow and steady, but she looked like she was absolutely freezing. I crept into her room to pull her covers up.

I leaned over her to grab the blanket and she stirred. I could hear her sniffing the air and before I realized what was happening she had wiggled her head between my legs and was happily, if not still sleepily, licking my pussy clean of Avery’s cum.

Oh my, she is talented!

I stood there for a few moments letting her enjoy herself before I slowly reached out a hand to gently massage her bald little kitty.

She winced in pain so I quickly removed my hand. Poor thing, I knew I would be sore for days after that pounding… she might never walk again. I took a step back and she looked up at me quite confused.

“M..mom?! I uhhh.” she pulled away quickly, “I’m sorry I just smelled Avery and…”

I looked down and sure enough more of Bullock was still oozing out of me.

I ran my hands through her hair tenderly and found a large cum crusted spot.

“Yup, Avery”

“Can.. can I..umm finish?” she licked her lips and stared hungrily at my snatch.

I smiled and told her, “As much as I would really love to stay sweetie you are sore and I feel a little ill from all the cum. I really need a nap.”

She just nodded her head and wiggled back into bed.

I could see her rubbing herself under the sheets as I closed the door. I could also feel three pairs of eyes on me from the staircase. I just ignored them and went to bed.

I think I’ll really enjoy this new family bonding.

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