Bullock Brings the Family Together

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I just smiled and obediently dropped to my knees right there in his entryway. His cock was almost unnaturally long, ten inches at least but slender.. except for his head. It was huge. I didn’t remember it being like this before at the house… Not that I minded, but it just didn’t look quite right.

Though it would definitely be amazing in my ass. But for now, I needed to focus on swallowing this sword.

I wrapped both hands around his shaft and started to pump it back and forth as I licked up and down the length of it. It tasted like he had been fucking someone very recently. And she tasted delicious, I made a note to ask Avery about who it was so I could get some directly from the source.

Once I had cleaned his entire shaft I popped the head past my lips and slowly took in his entire length. He seemed surprised when he got halfway in he started to pull back but instead, I forced more of him down my throat.

I got him all the way down.

“Well, you really are quite talented! No wonder Stan keeps you at home all to himself.”

I just gave a muffled ‘Mmmhmmm’ and slid his cock almost completely out so I could catch a breath before shoving it back down. He reached down and put a hand around my throat so he could feel his oversized cockhead sliding in and out.

He started pumping faster and faster so I knew he was getting close.

“I should warn you, I took some pills from the CIA labs last night and there have been some… side effects.”

I didn’t have time to wonder what that could possibly mean because his cock exploded and pumped cum straight down my throat. If it hadn’t been for the unmistakable pulsing of him shooting his load I wouldn’t have known he was cumming. He was so calm and quiet.

Now, usually, I would hold a man all the way down my throat as he emptied his balls. They love it, and I do aim to please. But I was quickly running out of air and he was still steadily squirting cum. Plus, I could feel it filling me up!

I had to pull him out so I didn’t pass out from lack of air. I popped his head out but kept my lips locked onto it and used both hands to stroke him till he finished.

He pumped and pumped hot jizz into my mouth until it was full. Like cheeks puffed out full of cum. I had no choice but to pull away so I could swallow… and he kept cumming!!!!

He splattered my face and my hair, it ran down my neck and between my tits filling my bra. I looked up at him to make sure he wasn’t going to die or something and he was just smiling at me watching me get drowned in a never-ending torrent of hot, thick cum.

By the time he finally stopped pumping out jizz my dress was soaked through and almost every inch of me was coated in cum. Jesus, he even filled my shoes!

I let out a very sticky burp and looked up at him waiting for my ‘Job well done’ look. He was actually stroking his cock which was still hard!!!

Now, I have my pride. I will not simply give up while there is a still stiff cock. Oh no, I don’t quit until there is nothing left!

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