Bullock Brings the Family Together

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I just braced myself for another pounding when I felt him push hard against my asshole. There had been so much cum everywhere that he didn’t have much trouble getting in my fanny.

I was right when I thought that this oddly shaped thing would feel great in my ass. He was able to push it all the way in, balls deep, which I could feel were full of cum again. I could feel him moving my insides around, sliding and stretching along with that huge mushroom top.

He had been mostly passive up to this point, content with letting me dictate the pace… that was until he was in my ass.

He fucked me mercilessly… my knees gave out and I collapsed onto the puddle of cum and he just kept going.

I’m not complaining mind you. I was loving it. That huge head was rubbing things in my pussy in a way no amount of regular fucking could do.

I laid there in the puddle of cum, face resting on the floor as he pounded away. I couldn’t help it, I started to slowly drink it up. My tongue lazily lapping at it. My hands sloshed around in it, rubbed it onto every inch of my body that I could reach.

I came once, twice, a dozen times. I don’t even know how long he was pounding my ass. Hours? All I know is most of the cum was gone when he started to growl.

A deep, monstrous roar erupted from him. And he started to pump my fanny full of more cum. I felt its warmth filling my lower abdomen. But in a surprisingly short time he let out a final roar and I felt his cock deflate inside of me.

Oh my god, it was over. Was it actually over?

Avery collapsed on top of me and told me something, “I knew you would beat Haley.” and then he passed out.

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