Bullock Brings the Family Together

Reading Time: About 9 minutes

I peeled off my sopping wet dress and popped off my bra. Both hit the floor with a splat.

He sat down on a padded bench and waited.

I tried to scoop off as much cum as I could, men generally hate to touch their own spunk, I slurped up what I could but dammit I wasn’t already full of cum! So I ended up wiping most of it off with the backside of my dress. The only side that had been dry. Had…

I was still a little sticky so I decided to turn around and sit on his lap reverse cowgirl style. Luckily for me when men sit down their cocks aren’t quite as… penetrative or I would have felt him in my stomach!!

His cock slid right in and I started to bounce. To his credit, Avery reached around and grabbed my sticky wet breasts and massaged them in time with my bouncing.

I had to go a little slow, all that cum sloshed around my tummy in an odd way causing me to expel little cummy burps. I think this was the most cum I have ever eaten in one sitting, and that’s saying something. That and I swear he was still pushing into my uterus!

His cock felt very unusual, that huge head of his made it hard to feel his shaft. It wasn’t unpleasant. In fact, I really liked the unique feeling.

Before I knew it I was slamming down on him with abandon as a very intense orgasm crashed over me.

He grunted just a little and started to cum again. His cock head was shaped in just the right way and I had ground down so hard to put pressure on my clit that the cum he pumped into me it had nowhere to go. I felt the strangest pressure inside of me. I tried to get up to release the pressure but the bastard was holding me down so I couldn’t do anything but take it!

My belly started to swell. Just a little at first but then It started to look like I was pregnant again! God, I felt like I was going to burst.

Just when it started to become painful and I had begun to panic he released me and I was able to slide off of him onto the floor. Hot sticky cum gushed out of my pussy. Streamed out like I was pissing cum. I laid there for more than a minute before it stopped squirting out and dropping off to just a trickle.

I managed to get up onto my hands and knees in the little lake of cum, which was a terrible mistake… I felt his hands on my hips and I just knew, without even looking, he wasn’t done with me.

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