Drunk Francine


About <1 minutes to read.

Anyway, she came back a few hours later and picked me up to take me somewhere for a surprise.

I had hoped she had decided to do something sexy but she just ditched me on the side of the road, which was not the first time someone had pulled a trick like that on me. I knew how to hitchhike and enjoyed the thrill. I used to have contests with my friends all the time to see who could screw with the most guys by hitchhiking for an hour. Of course, I always won.

Hrm, maybe I should start hitchhiking again…

I only had my thumb out for a few moments before I was picked up by this older man in a suit, it was Stan but I didn’t know it at the time… I had a sinking suspicion that he was the nark from earlier but things were still very fuzzy, so for once, I didn’t try anything with him. He just creeped me out, man.

I was proved right a few minutes later too. He went nuts and tried to kill a raccoon!

Stan told me later that he thinks that killing the raccoon when we first met was why I jumped him… I was just horny and the gunshot really turned me on for some reason, but I didn’t argue it with him.

But that was when I really was eighteen and it was an accident that he hit the raccoon. This time he was just a lunatic so I got out of there fast! I hopped into the first semi-truck that stopped for me and I didn’t look back. This trucker seemed fine, older. Kinda fat, bored with life. You know, a regular trucker.

So in no time, I had his cock in my mouth as we went down the highway back to town.

It was a short trip but apparently, he hadn’t been with a woman in a long time so he came super fast. Guys always apologize when they cum quickly. I always take it as a complement of a job well done! Besides, nothing worse than giving a bj and not getting my reward…

My motto back then was; “feed me or fuck me!”

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