Drunk Francine


About <1 minutes to read.

I didn’t know it at the time but my roommate was my daughter Haley. At that moment though I thought, hmm this chick looks kind of fun, laid back, and cute. If I had to describe her in a single word it would be, ‘easy’.

I felt really gross so I went to the bathroom to take a shower and OH MY GOD I had a bush! I mean, that was normal for boring housewife Francine but eighteen year old me had just the tiniest little landing strip! So to look down and see all this growth was a real shocker.

I busted out into the living room nude to show my new roomie. I had to see if she was cool or not. She looked pretty shocked which was not surprising to me then or now, but for different reasons. At the time I thought she was just surprised, so I walked right up to her so she could get a good look, and then I had a great ice breaker idea to get things moving with my new roomie.

I said, “Hey, I’m way too out of it to trim this thing down myself, You mind trimming the hedges for me?”

She stammered for a minute and then gave a very hesitant, “sure”. Poor Haley… Turned out Stan had told her to do everything that she could to make me think everything was normal. But at the time, I just thought she was being shy which was a real turn-on.

I popped back into the bathroom and grabbed some shaving cream and a razor, then flopped down on the couch with my legs spread wide and handed Haley the gardening tools.

When she asked how I wanted it I told her to shave me bald without even thinking. This seemed odd for me at the time as I always liked a little bit there, you know a trail to follow to the fun! Seems my encounter with Claire and her delicious shaved kitty at the strip club the other day was so fresh that it even seeped into my CIA erased mind!

To her credit, Haley went right to work and in no time I was bald as a baby. No nicks or anything too… I wonder if Haley is a little bi and has done this before… oh well. At the time I was just horny, well I am always horny but having a strange girl touching my intimates always made me extra wet. So… I went for it.

Remember, I didn’t know who she was!!!

She was inspecting her work to make sure she hadn’t missed anything and cleaning off the last bits of shaving cream when I surprised her by grabbing her head and pushing myself right onto her face. I guess for a split second she forgot what was really going on because she dropped the razor, grabbed my legs, and started to just lick the cunt right off my body.

I guess that would make her bisexual, cause she had obviously eaten pussy before! She knew all the right places to lick and suck. I was really getting into it when she suddenly jumped up, said in a panic that she had forgotten she had something she was late for, and ran out the door.

So I finished myself off thinking about her… Which doesn’t really make me feel bad now that I am thinking about it again, I really liked how she ate me.

Would it really be so wrong?

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