My New Cranberry Red Blazer

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After a few seconds, I could barely keep standing so I dropped down to my knees in front of him.

“Look,” I said coyly tilting my head up to his, “Barb is on a little vacation OK?” I started to rub my hands up his thighs towards his bulge, staring him in the eyes the whole time. “I’m a fast learner.” to punctuate that I popped open his pants without a single glance. I reached in and pulled out his very massive rock-hard cock. “I can handle a large…”

My god, It had to be nine inches and as big around as my arm! Well maybe not but bigger than I had had in a looooooong time.

“… workload”. I started to stroke him slowly, “and I know how to get results!” with that I dove right in a took all nine inches… maybe it was ten… down my throat.

They didn’t call me sword swallower in school for nothing!

He didn’t say a word. Hell, he barely made a sound as I bobbed up and down on his thick cock. Taking him all the way to his swollen balls, holding him there until I nearly passed out from lack of air, and then pulling him back out to happily gasp for air. He just sat there, eyes wide in shock… I just smiled and dove right back down on his dick.

Up and down I went till I was dizzy.

I could hear voices outside his office. People talking about how much trouble I was in and how my husband should be in trouble for just dropping me in here.

Karl obviously heard them too because he suddenly grabbed my hand and looked at my ring finger with a raised eyebrow. I just smiled and said, “We should hurry.” Apparently, he got off on the idea of some strange, married white chick sucking him off because he grabbed my head and forced his cock back in my mouth. I just relaxed and let him face fuck me like a rag doll with that huge dick of his.

It was so amazing! I had not been used like this in so long I had forgotten what it felt like. I began to furiously rub my swollen clit and quickly found myself on the edge of one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had.

Apparently, Karl noticed too because at that moment he exploded in my mouth. He must have shot a gallon of delicious cum down my throat. He pumped and pumped his thick goo for what must have been a full minute… I wasn’t really sure… I was cumming so hard my vision was nothing but stars.

He finally pulled out and I managed to catch a yummy strand of cum on my tongue which I licked onto my lips and gave them a little smack. I hopped up, feeling my now full tummy slosh with cum, and with a smile said, “So, do I have the job?”

He just gave a weak nod and pushed his cock back into his pants.

I was so happy with what had happened that I couldn’t help but giggle happily as I popped my bra back on, pulled on my dress, and grabbed the pretty cranberry blazer.

In my mind I was thinking, ” That’s right, I’m amazing!” but then I then gave the loudest, wettest burp!! I would have died of embarrassment but he just smiled and said with mild embarrassment, “It’s been a while.”

He wasn’t kidding, I skipped lunch and dinner that day!

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