Locker Room Access

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I felt wet fingers press against my fanny so I leaned forward obediently. Soon a finger popped into my butt, followed by another, and then the cool sensation of lube being squirted inside of me.

Awwww, they were being so considerate… I love being used as a fuck toy but little touches like that make it special.

In no time one of them pushed his cock into my ass. I would have screamed in pleasure but there was always a cock in my mouth, so I just gurgled happily.

The pair of cocks pumped me in unison. In in, out out. In in, out out. They had me shaking in orgasm in no time!

They may not have wanted to cum in my pussy but they had no problems cumming in my ass. Load after hot load was shot inside me until a steady stream of it was leaking out.

I had had maybe ten of the men in my ass so far when number eleven came up for his turn to bat and decided to do something different. He pushed me flat against the guy I was currently riding and I felt him push against my already filled pussy.

I spread my legs a little bit to adjust my pelvis for him. The man under me grunted a little and then number eleven popped his cock into my pussy too!

He was huge, I felt every one of his nine inches push into me. Once in they started a rhythm of plunging into me together and then separately and then together again.

Now, I can get my whole fist in my pussy with a bit of work when the mood strikes me but a pair of cocks feels full in a completely different and wonderful way. Each man pushes against your pussy in different directions at the same time causing sensations unlike any other. My little fuck hole protested at first but soon I could feel my muscles relax, gaping open as though two cocks was what my pussy was built for.

I wrapped my arms around the bottom guy and the bench, my legs hanging limply, and just let them plow me. I came so hard that all I could do was yell into the floor as the guys all cheered.

Man after man doubled my greedy hole for almost an hour. I got to a point where I just had one long, continuous orgasm.

A few guys came inside me, a few others came around and shot it down my throat or onto my face.

I loved every second of it.

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