Locker Room Access

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Instead, it was the entire Yankee’s team.

At least I think it was the whole team. There were over two dozen half-naked, very in-shape men standing around in a half-circle facing the door. Facing me.

My pussy was suddenly dripping wet.

I took my time looking around the room, eyeing each man in turn and rubbing my wedding ring. It makes me feel so wonderfully slutty to call out the fact that I am married.

The only thing keeping me from seeing wang were thin little towels wrapped around very well toned waists. Each man looked hungrily at me like I was lunch.

Maybe I was. I sure hoped so!

I walked fully into the room to stand in the center of the group of men. There were a few looks of surprise and a few ‘she’s going to do it?!’s from the group. They started rubbing their hands together, a few of them pulled their towels off.

I slowly unzipped my dress and waited, eying the guys who still had their towels on. They took the hint and they all dropped them in unison.

The sound of all those towels hitting the ground, uncovering all those stiff cocks, caused a tingle to run up my spine. I let the tension build for a few moments, you could hear a pin drop in that room it was so quiet.

Then my dress hit the floor. There was an explosion of ‘wow’s and ‘mmmhmmm’s. There were even a few fox whistles.

I dropped to my knees and didn’t even have to ask. Several cocks appeared within easy reach. I gobbled up the cock directly in front of me and grabbed a cock in each hand, stroking them lovingly.

I bobbed on the cock till it exploded in my mouth and I swallowed every last drop.  I turned to the cock in my right hand, hungrily swallowing it down. I gently stroked the semi-limp cock I had just drained as a new man took his place in my other eager hand.

I took each one in turn, they had loads ready for me because I swallowed thirty loads in less than an hour.

I’m glad I skipped breakfast in my rush to get out of the house!

After the last cock unloaded in my mouth the boys lifted me up and carried me to one of the benches where the first man in the cock sucking line was laying flat on his back, cock rock-hard once again for me. They lowered me onto his manhood. He may not have been CIA pill enhanced but he was a healthy seven inches and fairly thick. And he was the smallest of the whole group!

I bounced up and down on his cock as the guys closed in again. In an instant, I had a cock in my mouth and one in each hand.

I was in heaven!

Riding a cock on a bench is amazing, your legs don’t get sore and you can really get it deep enough to grind the clit against him.

I rode him until he was just about to cum and then the guys lifted me up, slide a new man into his place, and back down I went to happily bounce on a new cock.

They repeated this process over and over, I never went more than a few seconds without a cock in my pussy.

A dozen men had been inside of me before the rest of the guys got impatient…

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